Is there a photography topic you want to learn more about, with hands-on, individual instruction? You can now learn from a professional, with over 20 years of photography experience! I offer both small 1 to 1 Workshops to Full Class workshops with up to 20 attendees. For those just getting interested in photography as a hobby to the full-time professional, I offer many different workshops that are catered to what you want to learn.

Gear Consultation

Need advice on what photo gear to purchase? Have questions about 1 brand versus another? Want to know what lenses are best to upgrade to? This consultation is perfect for you! We will sit down and discuss your needs and budget, so you can make an informed decison on the best purchases.

General Photography Workshops

Confused about F-stops or apetures? Want to know what bokeh is? I offer both a Basic and Adbanced Workshop that takes the guesswork out of your gear and teaches you about both the art of photography and the technical aspects of light and the cameras and lenses you currently own. Put your new knowledge to work for you, and become a more cofident and skilled photographer!

Lightroom Workshops

Adobe Lightroom is the standard in the world of photography post-processing. It's a full-featured software application built for, and used by, photographers around the world. I offer both Beginner and Advanced workshops for using Lightroom. Learn the basics of how the software works, up through how to use it as a full workslow solution for your business. Topics such as importing, cataloging, editing, exporting, and much more are covered in these in-depth, information-packed workshops.

On Location Workshops

These workshops are designed to help you become a better outdoor photographer. From outdoor portrait photography to learning how to shoot better landscapes, you will learn the best times of day to shoot, the best locations, and even participate in an outdoor shoot to get some practice and experience!

Studio Workshops

These workshops are designed to help you become a better studio photographer. From studio portrait photography to learning how to shoot with studio lighting, you will learn how to create beautiful and breathtaking images, and even participate in a studio shoot to get some practice and experience!

Photography Business Workshops

Have questions about how to run your photography business? These workshops will help you on the business-side of photography. Learn what you need to know from how to start your business, how to run a successful business, networking, marketing, pricing, sales, and much, much more!

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